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Finding Your Way on YouTube

Posted by Marcelo on

There is something so wonderful about knowing that you are going to fulfill your dreams, or at least take a massive step in that direction. If you have always felt that you would be a good content creator, and you believe that YouTube is the platform where you can let yourself shine, then you will be so happy when you create your account. You will be even happier when you put up your first video. But we have to tell you that your journey is far from over. You are just at the beginning.

In fact, you have not even reached the point where you are going to face the most struggles. I know it is not what a lot of people want to hear, but we have to tell you anyway. The reality is that when you have a channel on YouTube, you are now just beginning to fight the battle. And that battle is to get as many views as you can. As you know, there are so many stipulations on what you must do before you can even be monetized on YouTube.

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If you want to go through this process in a quick way, we have a solution. What you will do is buy YouTube views so that you can get yourself to the point where you are at least at the total number of views for monetization. Remember that you should not buy YouTube views at a huge number for just one video. You do not want to make it too suspicious. Let us say that you have some random video and it gets a million views because you bought them – it is suspicious.

It is much better if you are spreading out these views among the many videos that you do. Say you buy views for your first ten videos, this should get you to the stage where you are now monetized. And that is just the first step. Now you will have to put in other marketing work to ensure that you are getting yourself to the point where you are gaining views and subscribers all the time. That will not be easy, but purchasing views helps with that too. It puts your channel on the map, as you have so many more views.